The Startup Campus Berlin Program connects start-ups from the Central and Eastern European (CEE) region with accelerator partners in Berlin to build an international innovation ecosystem and form partnerships that benefit both parties. To get involved in the Berlin start up ecosystem, we offer our CEE partners TWO kinds of programs.

Visitor (Validation) Program

With the main features of the 3 days long Program we offer excellent opportunities to meet with accelerators, risk capitals and professional partners in Berlin.

  • Direct validation and introduction of the Western European partners and market;
  • Free co-working location and accommodation is provided;
  • NO equity! The goal is to challenge yourself and become part of the ecosystem;
  • Opportunity to get to know the conditions of your next investment, business partner, and distributor;
  • Spring semester (April and May) & Fall semester (October & November)

The application for the Visitor Program is open to those startups who wish to validate their ideas and are ready to apply to local accelerator programs.

The Business Development Program

During the one-year long program we provide a professional involvement into the German Start-up ecosystem. This give you a good chance for finding partners, generate revenue from the DACH and receive your next round investment.

  • Company registration in Germany
  • Co-Working office in Berlin
  • Standard German website, phone number and call centre services
  • Sector-specific newsletters, event information and registration
  • Open sales support, and agreement assistance
  • Sector-specific sales advisory meetings
  • Benchmarking for DACH countries
  • Market entry and action plan support
  • 12 Mount T&M contract

The application for the Business Development Program is open to companies with an existing prototype and turnover or investment.

Apply NOW and we will contact you within two workdays!






Day-long Study Tour




Berlin Based Partners

Preorganized travel, tour agenda and accomodation

The program provides preorganized and guided travel from the starting point through the whole study tour, meaning you only have to concentrate on your business. Your meet ups, conferences and b2b meetings will be organized weeks in advance.

We can provide you with accommodation for three nights. Your only expense is a 300€ project support fee, and the cost of travel.

Consultation with the main actors of the Berlin startup ecosystem

There is only one way to meet with the decision makers of the biggest international companies – you have to be a part of one of the local accelerator programs. There are many online open applications at any given time, with hundreds of thousands of applicants for these programs, but only around 50 of them will actually have an opportunity to present their idea in a live pitch for the Selection Board, consisting of the mentors from the accelerators and specialists from international companies.You will have opportunity to introduce your project idea to local specialists, to be a part of a brainstorming session with key members of our partners, and receive their feedback first hand. You will also learn about what you need to do in order to make a successful application to the biggest accelerator programs.  

Free Co-working experience and office space

Our Partners offer a desk in their co-working space for participants of the Startup Campus Berlin Program, allowing you to get to know the type, the readiness level, and the business model of the settled companies. This is good experience for understanding international business methods and may result in further associations with Berliner startups. We believe, that in order to enter the international market you need to have a strong international network and solid partnerships. Here, you will have a chance to validate your idea, get experience of the daily life of an international startup accelerator and expand your personal network.

Opportunity to receive a Golden Ticket to the next accelerator program

During the Startup Campus Berlin Program, you will have an opportunity to meet some members of the Selection Board, who have a right to give you a Golden Ticket, fast-tracking you straight to the live pitch selection.You can also be a part of local meet ups, demo days, and the main events of the Berlin startup ecosystem. There are plenty of startup events in the city every night.